Nature produces a wide range of materials with fascinating properties that are often taken as a source of inspiration to produce new manmade materials with superior properties. This international conference will focus on the fabrication and characterization of materials made by nature and feature examples that demonstrate how we can learn from nature to build bio-inspired materials. It aims at providing a venue for bringing research on the characterization of natural materials and investigation of the mechanisms by which they are produced together research performed on the fabrication of biomimetic materials.

  • Production and characterization of natural materials.
  • Bio-inspired hard materials.
  • Bio-inspired soft materials.
  • Bio-inspired materials for optical applications.
  • Bio-inspired functional materials.
  • Bio-inspired programmable materials.

The conference will be opened on Sunday (August 8th) by a plenary talk given by:

Lia Addadi (Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel)

and contributions from the following invited speakers are confirmed:

Henrik Birkedal (Aarhus University, Denmark)
Jason Burdick (University of Pennsylvania, USA)
Nico Bruns (University of Strathclyde, Scotland)
Eric Dufresne (ETH Z├╝rich, Switzerland)
Peter Fratzl (Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces, Germany)
Stanislav Gorb (Kiel University, Germany)
Rainer Haag (Free University Berlin, Germany)
Marleen Kamperman (University of Groningen, Netherlands)
Harm-Anton Klok (EPFL, Switzerland)
LaShanda Korley (University of Delaware, USA)
Pupa Gilbert (University of Wisconsin - Madison, USA)
Stephen Mann (University of Bristol, UK)
Anna Rising (Karolinska Institute, Sweden)
Thomas Scheibel (University of Bayreuth, Germany)
Silvia Vignolini (Cambridge University, UK)
Andreas Walther (Universit├Ąt Freiburg, Germany)
Christoph Weder (Adolphe Merkle Institute, Switzerland)
Xuanhe Zhao (MIT, USA)

The program will feature invited lectures, presentations by junior researchers, poster sessions and, most importantly, plenty of time between sessions and in the afternoons for interactions and inter-disciplinary discussions. Participants are strongly encouraged to stay for the whole duration of the conference. We are looking forward to welcoming you at this conference!

The organizing committee is looking forward to welcome you in Andermatt,
Esther Amstad (EPFL, CH)
Stephen Schrettl (Adolphe Merkle Institute, CH)

This conference is supported by the following organizations: